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Metoject® PEN Is Changing

New Auto-injector Metoject Pen

Information on New Metoject® PEN

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Information on the Old Metoject® PEN

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What is Metoject® PEN?

Metoject® PEN is a pre-filled autoinjector containing methotrexate (MTX) solution at a concentration of 50mg/ml.

Metoject® PEN is available in a variety of doses and your doctor will prescribe the correct one for you.

Metoject is a prescription-only medicine indicated for the treatment of:

  • Active rheumatoid arthritis in adult patients
  • Severe recalcitrant disabling psoriasis, which is not adequately responsive to other forms of therapy such as phototherapy, PUVA, and retinoids, and severe psoriatic arthritis in adult patients.


The main active ingredient of the Metoject® PEN is methotrexate. Methotrexate is a well known antirheumatic drug (DMARD), which helps to relieve the pain of joint inflammation and/or psoriasis and helps to prevent inflammation and damage. In these autoimmune diseases, the immune system is overly active and mistakenly attacks the body. Methotrexate can help to slow down the effects of an over-stimulated immune system, thus controlling the activity of the disease. Should you encounter any side effects whilst taking Metoject, please consult your doctor immediately.


About Methotrexate