Travelling with Metoject® PEN

Travelling with Metoject
  • Always ensure you have sufficient supply of Metoject® Pen for the length of your trip and consider taking additional Metoject® PENs with you in case of delays.
  • Ensure that the Metoject® Pen is packed securely, preferably in the original packaging
  • It is important that the Metoject Pen is stored at room temperature – between @ 15°C and 25°C (max).

Travelling by Air:

  • Should the temperature rise above 25°C in the aircraft cabin, please ask an aircraft attendant to put the pen/s in a fridge on board
  • If you are travelling to a warmer climate, consider carrying a small cooling box for transportation.

If Travelling Abroad – Prior To Travel:

  • It is highly advisable that you hold documentation to prove your requirement for Methotrexate/Metoject® PEN
  • Most countries accept a “Traveller’s Certificate” (see link below) which must be completed by a GP/HCP. Prior to your trip, please ask your GP/HCP to complete this certificate and ensure it is readily available for inspection